Photographic Memories by Angie Thompson

Capturing Life's Important Memories!

Your Wedding Day...Your Way!

So many people do you remember what pictures you want taken on that special day? I don't pretend to have it all in my head on that important day. You will find me at your wedding with a clipboard in hand and a pen around my neck! Why? I want to make sure I capture each and every photo that is important to YOU! After all...this is YOUR important and special day! Please review the following list and discuss it with your fiance so you will both know exactly what you want on your special day!

Wedding Photography Check List

Wedding Date ____________________ Photographer Start Time _________

Before Ceremony (BRIDE)
_____ Mother/Maid of Honor adjusting veil     
_____ Bride putting on garter with bridesmaids looking on 
_____ Bride in dressing room with mirror     
_____ Corsage being pinned on Father and/or Mother  
_____ Portrait of mother and bride  
_____ Portrait of father and bride  
_____ Brothers and sisters and bride  
_____ Group Shot of Bride and bridesmaids  
_____ Individual shots of Bride with each bridesmaids 
_____ Bride with groomsmen
_____ Bride and maid/matron of honor
______Bride with parents
_____ Bride with mother
_____ Bride with father
_____ Bride with step parents (if applicable)
_____ Bride with grandparents (maternal)
_____ Bride with grandparents (paternal)
_____ Bride and mother with father looking on
_____ Bride and bridesmaid fun group pose in dressing room
_____ Bride’s mother on usher’s arm
_____ Grandparents accompanied down the aisle
_____ Other special guest accompanied down the aisle
_____ Bride at window with groom’s ring in hand
_____ Bride with flower girl 
_____ Bride with ring bearer
_____ Bride individually
Before Ceremony (GROOM):
_____ Groom with groomsmen as a group
_____ Groom with groomsmen individually
_____ Best man adjusting groom’s tie
_____ Groom with father
_____ Groom with mother
_____ Groom with both parents
_____ Groom with step parents (if applicable)
_____ Groom with brothers and sisters
_____ Groom with grandparents (maternal)
_____ Groom with grandparents (paternal)
_____ Groom with bridesmaids
_____ Groom’s grandparents accompanied down the aisle
_____ Groom’s mother on usher’s arm
_____ Groom at window with bride’s ring in hand
_____ “Escape” shot
_____ Groom individually
_____ Bridal party coming down the aisle
_____ Bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer coming down the aisle
_____ Bride waiting to come down the aisle
_____ Father giving away bride
_____ Shots during the ceremony (as permitted by regulations and 
        lighting allowing shots to be taken)
_____ Lighting of unity candle by parents
_____ Lighting of unity candle by couple
        With most of these formal poses, 2 to 4 shots will be taken to         
        allow for editing and error of closed eyes, etc
_____ Groom kissing bride at altar 
_____ Groom putting ring on bride’s finger
_____ Bride putting ring on groom’s finger
_____ Bride and groom lighting unity candle
_____ Bride and grooms hands with rings and flowers
_____ Rings on flowers without hands
_____ Bride and groom with minister
_____ Bride and groom with minister and bridal party
_____ Bride and bridesmaids with flowers around her face
_____ Bride and groom at church/facility door
_____ Bride and groom at stained glass window 
_____ Bride and groom at steps of church/facility
_____ Bride and groom with Bride’s family
_____ Bride and groom with Groom’s family
_____ Bride and groom with bridesmaids
_____ Bride and groom with groomsmen
_____ Bride and groom with both sets of parents
_____ Bride and groom walking out of church
_____ Bride and father coming down aisle
_____ Each bridal party member escorted down the aisle
_____ Bride showing off ring to bridesmaids
_____ Wedding cake (prior to cutting)
_____ Guest book
_____ Guests signing book
_____ Wedding favors
_____ Gift table
_____ Introductions of wedding party
_____ Wedding party toasting bride and groom
_____ Bride and groom toasting
_____ Bride and groom at head table kissing
_____ First dance
_____ Parent dance
_____ Bride and father dance
_____ Groom and mother dance 
_____ Flower girl and ring bearer dancing
_____ Candids of guests as conditions permit
_____ Bride and groom posed in front of cake
_____ Bride and groom feeding cake to one another
_____ Cutting the cake
_____ Bride faking the bouquet toss
_____ The catch of the bouquet
_____ Groom taking off garter
_____ Groom and garter
_____ Groom throwing garter
_____ Catch of the garter
_____ Garter and bouquet recipients together
_____ Posed departure shots (bubbles, rice, waves, etc)
_____ Getaway car
_____ Bride and groom in car as it goes into a distance